About - Access Sketch
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Access Sketch is founded on the firm belief that everyone should have access to great design. We know the barriers to owning and improving  property in Australia are significant: we are passionate about supporting property owners to live in an architecturally designed space they love, in an affordable way!


Access Sketch is about great AFFORDABLE design. It is founded on the firm belief that everyone should have access to inspired design. An Architect-designed space will be unique, will add value and will provide you with possibilities you might never have considered.


Access Sketch Architects. We are made up of a group of dynamic, Registered Architects, each with a minimum of 5 years’ experience across various design sectors: residential, commercial, hospitality, retail and educational.


Access Sketch is about great AFFORDABLE ideas. Our services provide you with the opportunity to have an Architect review your space and in response to your brief and budget, sketch out their best design solution for you.

Emily Armstrong

Founder. Director. Architect.

Emily Armstrong is a registered architect with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, eight of those as the Director of her own firm, Emily Armstrong Architects. Emily created Access Sketch in response to those clients whose projects were smaller or whose budgets did not necessarily allow for full architectural services.

“Access Sketch was a means to ensure that I never had to turn anyone away,” says Emily of the online business. “Everyone has a budget; just because one client’s is smaller, doesn’t mean that client doesn’t have style, or a consciousness of design, or wish to work with an architect.”