FAQ - Access Sketch
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What is the difference between an architect and a draftsperson?

An architect creates a design from scratch, sketches it and, in most cases, manages the construction of that design. A draftsperson is typically employed by an architect to draw up their designs.

What is traditional architectural sketch design?

Sketch design can also be referred to as the ‘concept design’ stage. It is the first stage of the architectural design process. It is during this stage that the architect comes up with the very first design ideas for a space. Then, over many hours, an architect sketches and re-sketches until multiple design solutions are reached. Those designs are then presented to clients in floor plans and basic 3D models. Some architects will also include alterations to the design as part of this stage.

How does Access Sketch differ from traditional architectural sketch design?

Access Sketch is a one-off service. One, best design solution is drawn up as a floor plan and delivered to clients online. The online process allows Access Sketch to be more efficient with time and therefore more affordable.

Does affordable mean lower quality design?

Absolutely not! The affordability of the service is due to it being a single, one-off consultation, presented in a two-dimensional form and delivered online.

Are all designs completed by a registered architect?

Yes, all designs and drawings are signed-off by a registered, practicing architect.

What can I do with my Access Sketch plans?

An Access Sketch floor plan can be used for marketing purposes, in property sale promotions as well as taken to a draftsperson to be developed into documentation for planning and building permits.

Can you provide basic 3D modelling?

Yes, we can. Please state this extra service in ‘project description’ when requesting a quote.

Can you refer me to a draftsperson, project consultant and contractor?

Yes. As part of our overall design services, we can give clients access to a reputable team of project personnel.

Can I engage an Access Sketch architect to continue on with my project?

Access ADVICE is the best way to have ongoing advice throughout your project. The service can be used as required and is charged at an hourly rate. The other option being that Access Sketch can provide the details of a design architect who can liaise with you about continual work.

What if I want quick advice over the phone?

In order to provide fast service, Access Sketch keeps everything online. If you would prefer email advice instead of an on-site consultation, simply request a quote for Access ADVICE and note email advice only under ‘project description’.

What if I don’t know what my budget is?

Access Sketch would then recommend you initially use the Access ADVICE service. Access Sketch requires a minimum budget to ensure a client’s brief can be met and that the advice given be as accurate as possible.